Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Leichtle


Anschrift / Kontakt

Universitätsinstitut für Klinische Chemie (UKC)
Freiburgstrasse / INO F
3010 Bern

Alexander Leichtle studied medicine at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich and started his specialization in Laboratory Medicine at the Institute of Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Chemistry, and Molecular Diagnostics at the University Hospital Leipzig (D). 2011 he joined the University Institute of Clinical Chemistry at the Inselspital Bern (Director: Martin Fiedler) and refocused from proteins and peptides  and simple classification models towards metabolites and more complex, mainly Bayesian modelling. 2014 Alexander Leichtle was appointed as lecturer for „Computational and Laboratory Medicine“ by the Medical Faculty of the University of Bern. His interests cover „classical“ clinical chemistry as well as modern statistical methodology for the analysis of „-omics“ and routine data. 2017 Alexander Leichtle institutionalized the Insel Data Coordination Lab (IDCL) as data delivery and governance body of the Inselspital, and since 2018 he is leading research at the Insel Data Science Center (IDSC). Alexander Leichtle is PI of the SPHN Swiss BioRef and the SNSF PGXLink Biolink project as well as co-PI in several other projects. 2019 he was appointed Associate Professor.